Discover The Top Lebanese Kitchens In London

Lebanon has a unique cultural history that makes Lebanese food the most popular of all Middle Eastern Cuisines. Various cultures have introduced a variety of food which has made the staple diet of Lebanese. The Lebanese food such as rice and dates, they used to carry with them wherever they go and it will not spoil easily. Slowly, they added different new seasonings, fruits and vegetables to their everyday meals. All these make the Lebanese Kitchen in London outstanding from the rest.

Mostly, the Lebanese diet consists of herbs, spices and fresh ingredients and they don’t eat any leftovers. Some of the common seasonings are mint, oregano, parsley, garlic, allspice, nutmeg and cinnamon. Bread is the staple food of Lebanese and it is served as flat bread or pita. Since it is crucial to them, the Arabic calls it as esh which means life. Fruits, rice, vegetables and bread out-weigh the meat eaten in the Lebanese meal. But still meats, poultry and lamb form famous dishes of Lebanese Kitchen in London. One of the famous dish Kibbeh is made up of ground lamb and cracked wheat paste which is similar to pate Kibbeh which is made by harshly pounding the lamb and kneading the spices and wheat.

Yet other famous dishes of Lebanese Kitchen in London are the flavourful hot and cold dishes. Nearly forty small dishes are presented as appetizers or as a meal. Hummus, rice and meat wrapped in grape leaves, hot and cold salads, mashed beans, grilled seafood and meats, pickled vegetables some of the popular dishes of Lebanese Kitchen. One important fact to be noted is that Lebanese foods are rich in all kinds of vitamins and minerals as they mostly involve vegetables, meat and seafood. Normally, Lebanese food will not be served in courses and all are served at once only. Tabbouleh, a salad made of cracked wheat and mujaddara which consists of lentil and rice dish are mostly liked and consumed by all. Lebanese also serve fresh fruits as desserts after dinner and Baklava, a sweet, flaky pastry related to Greek cuisine. But Lebanese embraced this and prepare it with pistachio, nuts, drizzled with rose water syrup, Ahweh- a strong thick Arabic style coffee and also Lebanese national drink arak are all served with the dessert.

All these Lebanese Kitchens in London are specialised in all the Lebanese food which are different from the food served in London and attracts several people towards their restaurants. It is nonetheless great to say that this Lebanese Kitchen is great in providing highly tasty food when compared to other restaurants.

Ishbilia Fine dining,
8-9 William St, London SW1X 9HL
Open: 012:00 pm – 11:30 pm