Famous Lebanese Restaurant In Central London

Lebanese food is an exciting mix of cultural and foodie influences from the Ottomans, Persia, and various neighboring countries. Lebanon, the east Mediterranean cuisine, is the most interesting of all. Try out the Piles of mezze dishes, beautiful breads, and insist on packing fresh vegetables, herbs, and spices. Thus, Lebanese food offers something for everyone. You just need to head to Knightsbridge in Central London and enjoy the Lebanese cuisine to its best. Let’s see some of the restaurants that are famous for tabbouleh, kebabs, and hummus in the town.

Dining in Belgravia is not cheap. But don’t look at the price as the dishes offered here are luscious, extraordinarily fresh, and beautifully seasoned. Some of the recipes that you should try here are Habrah Nayeh, hummus topped with fava beans, Makdous aka baby aubergines stuffed with walnuts, herbs, and garlic with the essential and excellent olive oil and lemon plus the Lebanese wines are also good. No doubt this is a beautiful Lebanese restaurant in Central London.

Ishbilia is now known for offering the finest and most authentic Lebanese food in London. Ishbilia serves wholesome traditional Arabic and Lebanese cuisine in a relaxed and vibrant ambiance. Ishbilia has added Mazze lounge and private dining room for special occasions as birthdays, business meetings and family outings. They Mazze Lounge & Private Rooms offer a beautiful, genuine array of Lebanese cuisine in an elegant yet unique ambiance which gets enhanced by a sophisticated but straightforward interior.

The above are the Lebanese restaurants in Central London where you can enjoy great Lebanese food. Feast yourself today!

Ishbilia Fine dining,
8-9 William St, London SW1X 9HL
Open: 012:00 pm – 11:30 pm