Featured Places to Have Lebanese Food in Central London

If you love Lebanese food, you would be happy to know that there is a great selection of restaurants serving it in Central London. They differ in terms of the experience, ambience, and the fare that they offer to their customers, but most of the time, they feature the exciting mix of cultural influences from Persia, the Ottomans, and other neighbouring eastern Mediterranean countries. Leading restaurants that serve Lebanese food in Central London have been featured in magazines like ‘Zagat’, and have been raved about by food bloggers. Moreover, and they are consistently voted as the number one restaurant that serves Lebanese cuisine in town.

Reputable restaurants serving Lebanese food in Central London practice their philosophy of producing wholesome, honest, and traditional food in a vibrant, chic, and relaxed setting. To ensure the best experience, they continue to improve their establishments. One of the leading Lebanese restaurants has recently refurbished and expanded itself to create a bigger and spacious dining area for its customers. Moreover, they added a new private dining room for special occasions. Some restaurants also have their own bar where you can pass the time in a comfortable and casual setting.

A top featured place to have Lebanese food in Central London offers a range of hot and cold mezzes, which include a selection of salads and freshly prepared dishes, like moutabal, a smoked eggplant with sesame oil dip, topped with fresh pomegranate, and foul moukala, which is broad beans with garlic and coriander, and drizzled with olive oil. Traditional favourites, like hummus, is taken to a new level with pine kernels and creamy consistency with diced lamb. You can also enjoy the famous delicacy, kibbeh nayeh (‘tartar of lamb’) for a more authentic experience. The main course gives you a lot of options in meats, fish, and poultry, all carefully prepared and grilled on charcoal. Alternatively, you can go for a traditional home-cooked speciality, which is typically served with rice.

Ishbilia Fine dining,
8-9 William St, London SW1X 9HL
Open: 012:00 pm – 11:30 pm