Here are the Best 5 Dishes to Try on Your Next Trip to a Lebanese Restaurant in Covent Garden

Planning to enjoy mouth-watering food at your favourite Lebanese restaurant in Covent Garden? If yes, we bring you the best five Lebanese dishes that are sure to tickle your taste buds.

  • Shish Taouk: If you love chicken dishes, go for Shish Taouk, a popular Lebanese dish. It’s every bite is going to give you a heavenly sensory experience. Tender and juicy pieces of meat marinated in yoghurt and other spices add a unique flavour to it. Enjoy its scrumptious taste with pita bread. It’s incredibly delectable taste is sure to leave you asking for more.
  • Baba Ghanoush: Die-hard Lebanese cuisine lovers vouch for this amazing dip. It is made with eggplant and tahini and is relished like hummus. Amazing flavours, rich textures, and mouth-watering smell will make your mouth water. Anyone who has tried hummus is sure to like this Baba Ghanoush as well.
  • Kibbe Nayeh: When looking forward to experimenting and trying out something unique, Kibbe Nayeh turns out to be the best choice. It is more or less a steak dish that is made with raw lamb or beef and is blended with pureed onions. It is enjoyed with fresh veggies or pita bread as per your taste and health goals.
  • Manakeesh: Pizza lovers are sure to like this Lebanese dish. It has several toppings like cheese, meats, veggies, and is sprinkled with zaatar, a type of thyme. It is enjoyed with tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, and fresh mint.
  • Falafel: Though Falafel is a fried dish, people still love savouring its amazing, delectable taste. If you haven’t tried this dish, it is time you go for it and give your taste buds something great to enjoy. This sandwich-form dish with fried chickpeas inside and served with a lot of vegetables is a delightful experience for ardent foodies.

All these Lebanese dishes are truly delicious and introduce you to a world of remarkable flavours and spices. Once you have relished these dishes, you are sure to come back again and enjoy them repeatedly. Lebanon, a melting pot of culture, is also a place known for its gastronomic delights. Savour them and relish them for an ultimate experience!


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