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Know About Dishes Offered by Lebanese Kitchen in London

First time eating in a Lebanese kitchen in London? You are in for a memorable gastronomic adventure. The Lebanese cuisine that the world knows today has a lot of stories to tell. With its thousands of years of history and having been influenced by different cultures and civilisations, it’s no wonder Lebanese dishes are among the most unique and flavourful in the world. Here are more reasons why you should definitely give a Lebanese kitchen in London a try.

Various flavours, beautiful blending

Several powerful empires ruled over Lebanon—including Persian, Greek, Phoenician, Roman, Ottoman, and French. Each civilisation brought significant contributions to the evolution of Lebanese cuisine. For example, the Ottoman Turks that reigned from 1516 to 1918 introduced lamb and other staples in the Lebanese diet. Meanwhile, the French brought flan (a caramel custard dessert) and croissants—which is why you will often see them served in Lebanese kitchens in London.

Healthy eating

Lebanese food is famous for being delicious. What many people do not know is that Lebanese dishes are also a fantastic choice for those looking for healthy food options. Most of their dishes are rich in whole grains. Chefs always use fresh local ingredients. In fact, vegetables, fruits, and herbs are often served and eaten raw so that you get the maximum nutritional value. Lebanese generally prefer grilled fresh fish and seafood to fried animal fats and poultry to red meat. If you are a vegan, then you will be happy to know that Lebanese dishes contain minimal dairy products.

Flavourful and magical spices

Herbs and spices are also the primary ingredients that give Lebanese dishes aroma and flavours. These spices are magical and believed to have various health benefits. For example, mint can freshen your breath, improve your digestion, and promote weight loss.