Know the Speciality of Lebanese Food in London

A good number of Lebanese-born people reside in London, UK. Many of these people had to flee their country way back in the 1970s and travel far away in search of a better life. Of the people who arrived early in London, some went on to start Lebanese restaurants and cafes in the city – it was a way to reminisce about their native food while for some it was a tribute to some great flavoured Lebanese food London. Delicious, tasty, made with some of the finest and most exotic spices, Lebanese food is known for its freshness and taste the world over.

Other than being awesomely tasty and filled with strong flavours, Lebanese food is also quite healthy with lots and lots of fresh vegetables, legumes and fruits being a necessary part of their meal. Lebanese cuisine is made from olive oil that is good for the heart while the intake of dairy products is also quite high that helps strengthen the bones and the immunity system of the body.

Some common Lebanese food London is:-

  1. Kibbeh that is considered to be the national dish of Lebanon. It is made with minced lamb meat that is mixed well with nuts and spices. The preparation is then fried in oil and served with traditional sauces.
  2. Humus is mostly served as an appetizer. The dish is made by blending tahini, garlic and chickpea.
  3. Lamb shank ouzi is straight out of a Middle East Arabian night story. Made from tender lamb and cooked in parsley and with lots of spices, the dish is served with rice to make wholesome food for an interesting palate.
  4. If you are a salad person, you will not want to give the Fattoush a miss. Other than the bread and the veggies, you have fried crispy lettuce that will surely make your heart skip a bit with every tasty bite.
  5. Rice Pilaf is made from rice essentially since the staple food in the Middle East is rice. Fried vermicelli is added to the rice and it is usually served with meat dishes to drive home the true taste of the dish.

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