Top 5 Delicacies Inside Lebanese Kitchens in London

People who wish to bring a little bit of Lebanon in their kitchen should be aware of the popular dishes. The cuisine is tasty and is all about sugar, spice, and flavour. Such flavourful food can be easily found in London in the Ishbilia Restaurant which has an excellent interior and some of the most authentic Lebanese dishes. Top 5 delicacies inside Lebanese kitchens in London are mentioned below:

  • Kibbeh: This is the national food in Lebanon. It is made of spicy minced meat and sautéed nine nuts. The deep fired dish is crazily crunchy in the exterior and extremely soft in the inside. The restaurant also has the dish on the menu and the guests should enjoy the dish to their heart’s content.
  • Kafta: It is a chicken, lamb, or beef meatball. It is also filled with breadcrumbs, onions, parsley, and spices. It can be either served with gravy or barbequed in skewer. In the Lebanese kitchen in London, both the options are available.
  • Kanafeh: It is a desert delight made of cheese in orange blossom syrup. The pastry looks yummy and impressive. It should be tried by the people who are sweet lovers. Cheese, sugar, and butter dominate the desert.
  • Hummus: Yes, it is the chickpeas, garlic, and Tahini blend. It is one of the most popular dips in the world and can be eaten to heart’s content with almost anything. It can be made spicy or non-spicy as per the choice of the consumer. The restaurants have the option too.
  • Rice Pilaf: Rice is a staple food in Middle Eastern countries. Fried vermicelli can be added in the dish and meat dish to make it interesting. The interesting and tempting dish is very popular and is served in the Lebanese kitchen in London. It forms one of the most important parts of the main course in the Lebanese cuisine menu.

There are several other Lebanese dishes which are favourite amongst the people who love to eat this cuisine. The spices add flavour to the food and thus are much liked by the people who love to eat spicy and flavourful food.

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