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What to Order at a Lebanese Restaurant in Covent Garden?

If you are a Lebanese food aficionado, you will find a lot of Lebanese Restaurants in London. Lebanese Restaurants in Covent Garden are the most popular and sought-after restaurants that attract a large number of people who love Lebanese food. Not only Lebanon-born people but many UK and other nationals love the amazing taste of Lebanese cuisines. The native food of this country is known for its amazing flavours, exotic spices, and exquisite taste. 

If you are planning to visit the Lebanese Restaurant Covent Garden, it is important for you to know what to order so that you can enjoy the best taste and flavour in some of the chosen cuisines.

Lebanese food is known for its wholesomeness and strong flavours. A lot of fresh fruits, vegetables, and legumes are used to whip up healthy as well as delectable delicacies. A lot of olive oil is used in Lebanese delicacies which is a healthy option and is considered good for heart health. Similarly, generous use of dairy products is also the highlight of these cuisines that help strengthen body immunity and bones.

What to order at Lebanese Restaurant in Covent Garden?

Kibbeh- It is considered as the national dish of Lebanon and is made using nuts and spices with minced lamb meat. The mix is then fried in oil and served with a flourish with sauces and other accompaniments.

Hummus- It is one of the popular appetizers which is made with a perfect blend of chickpea, garlic, and tahini.

Lamb Shank Ouzi- It is an excellent Lebanese cuisine which is made up of tender lamb. It is gently cooked in parsley. Different spices are added to it to make it more tasteful and richer. It is served with rice with amazing garnishing.

Rice Pilaf- It can be easily considered as the staple diet of people of the Middle East. Rice is mixed with fried vermicelli and served along with meat dishes.

Fattoush- If you are a health-conscious person and love salads as an important part of your meal, try Fattoush which has a lot of veggies, bread, crispy fried lettuce and more to give a tasteful twist to your palate.