Where to Find the Best Lebanese Restaurant in London?

When looking forward to enjoying a fine dining experience relishing choicest Lebanese cuisines, it is imperative to look for nothing but the best Lebanese restaurantOften it is tough to look for a restaurant that is sure to give you an enjoyable experience. Here, we bring you the best way to find the best Lebanese Restaurant in London.

  • Look for new restaurants opening up or a good one coming up with a new menu. This way, even if you are visiting a well-established restaurant where you have been several times, you will get to enjoy new Lebanese food options.
  • Make reservations before visiting the restaurant so that the waiting time is reduced to a minimum. If you find a lot of crowd outside the establishment, it means it is the best Lebanese restaurant and has something special to offer.
  • Check local food blogs for genuine reviews and testimonials. It will give you loads of information about the best Lebanese restaurant in town and what to expect when going there for a good dining experience.
  • Check if the restaurant is serving some of the most authentic Lebanese cuisines, like-


If the restaurant is not serving Hummus, there is seriously something wrong with its menu selection. Hummus is a popular dip that accompanies most of the Lebanese dishes and must occupy a firm position in the menu.


If you are health conscious, you will surely like some healthy salads to be a part of your dining experience. Tabbouleh perfectly fits the bill. The amazing flavour of mint and garlic makes it one of the most tempting dishes.

Kibbeh Nayyeh

Your love for rustic dishes can be fulfilled only if the restaurant you have chosen serves Kibbeh Nayyeh. A spicy dish made up of lamb is a culinary delight for non-vegetarian food lovers.

Ful Meddamas

Every Lebanese restaurant serves this amazing dish as a mezze. The flavourful fava beans added to this dish makes it quite flavoursome.


No Lebanese food is complete without rounding it off with a sweet dish and Baklava is one of the best sweet dishes with lots of pistachios, walnuts, pine nuts, cashews and almonds liberally added to it.

The restaurant that serves these dishes and meets your culinary expectations is sure to give you a gourmet food dining experience to be remembered for a long time.


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